Our menu is never the same. It changes according to the seasons to offer the best wholesome and fresh products. The peculiarity of our meals is hidden in the freshness of the products used. Pastries and desserts are all fresh and homemade, vegetables, olive oil and cheese are purchased from local farms. Everything to bring back to life Maremma’s food traditions. The speciality of the house is meat from the grill, tenderlions (also served with Norcia’s black truffle) the ribs, beef tagliata and particularly the famous “Fiorentina” which is served on soapstone. Desserts, daily prepared, are mostly made using the delicious ricotta from the local dairy farm. Ricotta mousse is our special, served with wild berries, chocolate or chestnuts, along with ricotta and blackberries jam tart – Table service and bread are completely free –

Among the appetizer we offer a wide variety of meats and cheese produced by local farms; creams, spreads, croutons made by us; among our creations we have eggplant dumpling, ricotta and a platter with different truffle specialities.

Among the main dishes our pride and joy are acquacotta (traditional local suop) and fresh pasta (pappardelle, tagliatelle, gnocchi, pici and the classical Maremma’s dumplings). Every variety of pasta has its own special sauce, from meat to mushrooms etc…

Among the second courses, grilled meat is our best proposal, Fiorentina, tenderlion, tagliata, boar meat, rabbit and oven baked codfish are always in the menu 365 days a year along with other dishes that can vary according to the season.

Particular attention is devoted to desserts, all home made and prepared with natural and genuine ingredients: from the most famous tiramisù to ricotta mousse, fruit tarts, among them being that of cottage cheese and berries, the brunette cake and chocolate.

Trattoria La Cascia – Via del Bivio 23 – 58050 Montemerano (GR)
Tel Fisso +39 0564602858 – Cell. 3478152547 – E-Mail: info@trattorialacascia.com